Who we are

FreelaEmCasa é uma iniciativa freelancer localizada no Rio de Janeiro, cuja URL do site institucional é: https://freelaemcasa.com.

What's the personal data we collect and why?


When visitors leave comments on our website, we gather data from forms, IP address and browser's information to help with spam detection.

An anonymized characters sequence created from your e-mail (also known as hash) could be sent for verification with the service identified as "Gravatar". You can find their privacy policy here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After your comment approval, your profile picture will be visible with your comment.


If you need to send images to this website, try to avoid files with location data onto it (i.e. EXIF GPS). Visitors could download these images and extract your location data.

Contact Forms


As you leave a comment on this website, you'll be able to choose to save your name, e-mail, and website on cookies. This action aims to make your next access easier when you need to post a new comment. These cookies will expire within a year.

If you have an account to access this website, a temporary cookie will be created to determine if your browser accept cookies. It doesn't contain any personal data and will be discarded when you close your browser.

When you access your website account, we create cookies to save your account data and preferences. Login cookies are kept for two days and screen options for a year. If you choose "remember me", your access will be kept for two weeks. If you disconnect your account, login cookies will be removed.

If you edit or publish an article, an additional cookie will be saved on your browser. This cookie doesn't include any personal data, it just points to your published post ID. It will expire after one day.

Third-party embedded media

Articles published on this website could include embedded content, like videos, images, and articles. Embedded content from other websites behave exactly the same way as visitor can see on the source.

These websites could collect your personal data, use cookies, additional third-party trackers and follow your interaction with the embedded content, including if you have an account and is connected to the website.


Whom we share your data?

If you ask for a password redefinition, your IP address will be included on redefinition email.

How much time do we keep your data?

If you leave a comment, it will be stored with its metadata without expiration time. We make it to recognize and approve automatically any other future comment, instead of blocking it for moderation.

We also kept personal info gathered on user profile of our registered users. All users can see, edit, or delete your personal information at any time (it's not possible to change the username). Website administrators can see and edit this information also.

What's your rights on the personal data?

If you have an account on this website or had leaved any comments, you can ask for a file with your personal data stored, including any data you have shared with us. You can ask for a removal of any personal data we have stored. It don't include any data that we must keep for management, legal or security purpose.

Where do we sent your data?

Visitor's comments can be marked by an automatic spam detection service.

Your contact information

FreelaEmCasa doesn't share or realize any kind of transaction with user's data. We act to grantee that your data be used just by the original purpose at the moment you share it.